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As I'm sure it was painfully obvious from the menu choice on the home page, this is the part of my site where I tell you a little bit more about me.  Content here is updated as necessary, or whenever I get around to it, or when something gets really outdated.  Pages will come and go, so who knows what you'll find here.

What else can I say?  Pick something from the menu to the left and have at it!


Name: Skip C.
Age: 43
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 170#
Hair: dark brown, short, getting gray on the sides
Eyes: dark brown, glasses
Facial hair: usually a goatee, sometimes a beard, getting gray as well
Ethnicity:  Italian (50%), German (37.5%), Irish (12.5%)
Marital status: long-term relationship/domestic partner

High School: North East High School, Class of 1988
College: Valparaiso University, Class of 1993; B.A. in Music; B.A. in Broadcast Communications

Parents: Married since August 1969
Siblings: One brother, 16 months younger
Grandparents: As of July 2007, none surviving

Born and raised: North East, PA (yes, that's the name of the town)
Currently: Rockville, MD

Sing: Currently Tenor II in the Gay Men's Chorus of Washington, DC; Previously Tenor II in the Philadelphia Gay Men's Chorus for 13 years; Previous groups in high school and college too numerous to list.
Play: Learned to play piano at age 7; Can also play flute and saxophone.

Our cats: Will (boy) and Grace (girl) - brother and sister
Fish: 55 gallon fresh water tank, population varies; 26 gallon tank, used as an incubation and isolation tank

Baptized and raised Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod; Prefer Evangelical Lutheran Church of America

Employment: Technical Trainer at LCG Systems
Current Certifications: Microsoft Certified Trainer - Microsoft Office; Microsoft Office Master - Office 2010