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how I got my job at LMC
How I ended up at Lutheran Memorial Camp.
my coming out
The people and events that led up to my coming out.
location, location, location
The saga of my moves and where I am today.
will and grace
Not the TV show, but my kitties and how I got them.
roller coaster history
How I came to fear, then love, roller coasters.
tigger genesis
How Tigger became my favorite character.
personal stories

Instead of having an ongoing blog on this site (yeah, like the internet needs another blog to read right?), I've chosen instead to post some stories that have significance to me from my personal life.

Some of these stories can also be found in other sections of this site.

As the spirit moves me in the future I'll be adding more stories to this section.  I have a wealth of stories from my past that are probably due to be published.  I'll have to dig up my old diary files and see what's worth sharing.

For the time being, enjoy these stories from my life!
Skip C.