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latest news - 2012.09.01

Yes, I *am* alive and welcome to the new version of my site!

First off, yes, I know, it has been nearly a year and a half since I updated my site in any significant manner.  I have been doing minor updates here and there, such as posting new Tigger pictures or Tigger ties, but I haven't done a "complete overhaul" of this site in quite a while.

Back in May, I finally decided to get off my butt and do the "major update" I had been avoiding for so long.  As I started the task of updating the content on the various pages here, I decided to try some new things, as well as update, modernize, and make consistent a lot of the HTML and CSS code of this site -- over the years I hadn't been consistent with formatting and other things, and it was driving the anal-retentive side of me crazy.

So what I initally thought would take just a few weeks to complete ballooned in a project that took nearly five months - lots of things tried, tweaking the design here and there, using HTML 4.01 and eliminating old tag values that weren't really supported any more (I tried HTML 5 and gave up), trying to teach myself the "correct" way to use CSS to format things, trying to figure out how to use CSS to accomplish what I wanted - you know, all that exciting geeky stuff that you don't really care about.

Anyways, at long last, I think I've just about done it all - updated all the code AND updated all of the content.  Some pages are gone, and some have been moved to other sections.  I have plans for some new pages, especially in the Stories section, but I don't have a specific target time for those yet.

As always, I'm not going to make any empty promises about how soon I'll update again.  I suppose since I finally got the "big hurdle" of re-design out of the way I'll be more inclined to make more frequent updates here, but I've spun that story before.

Anyways, enjoy your visit and thanks for stopping by!

Skip C.
skipc @ pobox.com